Fundraising: Parental Involvement

Our primary fundraising effort is our community dance party “ A Good Thing Keeps Growing” All Co-op families will be welcome and needed to assist in this effort. The dance party will have an online auction Thursday through Sunday this same weekend. Families are welcome to help develop online lots or get involved as needed.

Each family must complete all of the following three tasks in conjunction with the fundraiser:

  1. Provide two bottles of wine
  2. Sell door prize tickets
  3. Sell tickets to interested supporters.

Fundraiser Responsibility #1: Donations

All families are required to provide a minimum of two bottles of wine for an instant cellar.

Fundraiser Responsibility #2: Door Prize Tickets

Each family is required to sell door prize tickets. Co-op members will be given books of tickets in their child’s cubby. Ticket stubs and money are then returned to the school where additional books of tickets can be obtained. Door prize tickets are a great way to publicize our event throughout the community so families are encouraged to sell as many as possible and not to just buy the tickets themselves to satisfy the requirement.

Fundraiser Responsibility #3: Event Tickets

Tickets will be available for purchase on-line and Co-op families are encouraged to buy their tickets early as this event sells out. It is also important to sell tickets to, or invite people interested in supporting the school.



Please consider a recurring donation of $10 - $20 or more monthly through our PayPal account. This can go a long way to help sustain our school for the year.


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We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

"If a child does not learn the way you teach, teach the way the child learns."

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