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Information about Parental Involvement in the School

Parent Enrichment

The Co-op is not only a wonderful environment in which children can grow and develop, it also offers members a unique opportunity to work cooperatively and creatively with other parents and to build lasting friendships for both parent and child.

As a Co-op member, you are directly involved in the decision-making process affecting your child’s education. Our free lending library of DVD’s, books and CD’s is an invaluable resource to help with your parenting questions and concerns.

About Parent Involvement

In order to provide a quality, affordable program and to keep our affiliation with the St. Helena School District, we must adhere to certain State mandated guidelines. The responsibilities outlined below are required.We feel the benefits far outweigh the time required.

Types of Participation

Full/Regular Participation: A parent with a child enrolled in our regular participation program will have the following responsibilities:

  • Participate in the classroom by working the determined number of classroom work days per month *( DETAILS )
  • Participate in the Fundraiser
  • Attend monthly General Meetings. See the
    School Calendar for dates.
  • Complete the Adult Education classes, taught by our Parent Advisor, consisting of a total of twelve hours (spread out over several sessions). This is a one-time requirement for working in the classroom. Parents holding Reduced Participation positions still need to fulfill this requirement. If a participant in the Adult Education class misses a session, a “make-up” must be completed as approved by the Parent Advisor. New parents joining the school after the Adult Education
    classes have been taught must consult with the Parent Advisor to arrange for a “make-up” program.*
  • Weekday program families participate in two Work Parties per year to ensure our facility is properly maintained and improvements aremade.*( DETAILS )
  • Attend the Parent Orientation (not required of parents returning to the 3, 4 and 5 year-old programs) See the School Calendar for dates.
  • Hold a Parent Job, which helps the school run smoothly.*( DETAILS )

*Not Required for the Toddler Program – See Below

Participation with Siblings (3, 4 and 5 year-old classes)

When a family has two or more children in any of the 3, 4 and 5 year-old classes, the only participation requirement that increases is the classroom working days (please see page 23 for details). All other responsibilities (Fundraiser participation, General Meetings, Adult Education, Work Parties, Orientation and Parent Jobs) are per family, not per child. If you have three children in the 3, 4 and 5 year-old class, you will not be required to hold three parent jobs!

Reduced Classroom Participation

The option of Reduced Classroom Participation is available to families with heavy demands on their schedules, and for whom a regular participation schedule would be difficult to maintain. Reduced Classroom Participation status will be given at the discretion of the Director and the Board of Trustees.

Parents choosing Reduced Classroom Participation will work fewer days in the classroom than those with Regular Participation status,
but must fulfill all other parent responsibilities, as specified above. There are two levels of Reduced Participation: one is where the member does not work any days in the classroom; the other is where the member works in the classroom for half the regularly required number of days. Reduced Participation members hold regular voting membership and may hold Board positions. Reduced participation will not be scheduled for stand-by substitution.

Reduced Participation positions are offered to the extent that a particular class can accommodate them — that is, all parent work shifts must be covered, and the remainder can be awarded as reduced participation slots. Typically, Reduced Participation can amount to approximately 20% of the total class size, but this varies according to the number of siblings in class and the number of people expected to be on medical leave (especially maternity leave).

Reduced Participation is offered at Registration time. If more people request this option than there are Reduced Participation slots available, an Ad Hoc Committee of the Board of Trustees will be formed to apportion Reduced Participation slots based on expressed need, or a lottery may take place. Parents with Reduced Participation status in a given year will receive priority consideration for Reduced Participation status the following year. A change in status between Reduced and Regular Participation can be made with space permitting, and the approval of the Director.

Tuition for Reduced Participation members who do not work at all in the classroom is two times (double) the Regular Participation rate. Tuition for members who work half the regular classroom days is one-and-a-half times the Regular Participation rate.

Substitute Participation: Members may allocate their participation requirements in the classroom to the adult substitute of their choice, provided that:

  1. The substitute is at least 18 years of age
  2. The substitute has taken the Adult Education classes.
  3. The same person consistently substitutes for a given parent.
  4. All the other requirements specified under “Regular Participation”
    are fulfilled.

Toddler Participation:

A parent with a child enrolled in the Toddler Program will have the following responsibilities:

  • Be present and responsible for their child at all times during class
  • Participate in the Food Experience and Clean-Up on a rotating basis
  • Attend monthly General Meetings
  • Participate in the Fundraiser



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