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Parental Ivolvement: Work Party Policy

A parent with a child enrolled in one of the weekday classes is required to attend two Work Parties during the year. A parent with a child only enrolled in the Toddler Program is exempt from the Work Parties.

In lieu of attending a Work Party, a parent may pay a fee of $75.00 (per family). The fee needs to be paid by the day of the work party being missed, or $75.00 will be added on to the following month’s tuition. If a parent cannot attend a Work Party as scheduled, they must give at least 48 hours notice, except in the case of an emergency. A parent will pay a $100 penalty fee for failure to give 48 hours notice or by a “no show” (note: all fees must be paid in order to remain in good standing for the next year’s Registration). Executive Board Members are not required to attend these Work Parties, but instead are required to help Set-Up and Clean-Up at the beginning and end of the school year.


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